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tv   Headline News  RT  August 18, 2017 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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no. no no. no. when terror attacks in spain thirteen it killed and scores injured. into them in barcelona the suspect a teenage driver is still at large meanwhile police stopped a similar attack in a time to decide what moment. was next to stop and i didn't. see behind me that there were people people lying. on the floor for terrorism is the latest in a series of attacks in which vehicles have been used to strike terror in europe
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echoing incidents in france germany and the u.k. since last summer. our daughter was in the park. she still should destroy. the attacks in spain a being linked to an explosion in a house earlier this week and i suspected bomb making facility leading to questions over whether more could have been done revenge last night's killings. hello there welcome to the international where the terror attacks in spain continues to dominate all coverage itself the news in spain is in mourning after suffering its deadliest attacks in. barcelona thirteen people died after a van was driven into them in the popular tourist area of loss that later police managed to stop another attack in the resort of brill's butt. several were injured
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and one woman has since died islamic state claims it is behind the terrorism but no direct link has been established here's the first hand account of the attack by one of the witnesses a word of warning though some of the videos we're back to show of the aftermath are disturbing to. come down here the van was coming down the rambler and i was completely unaware of it. until it was pretty much alongside me and at this point i saw everyone from the bars. i just panicked like everyone everyone ran you know on and. it was just when it stopped and i didn't turn around and look. to see if you see behind me there were people people lying face down on the floor i. i i i
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you just don't expect it to happen. like to you in a way you know you see on the t.v. like i saw them when it happened in london and i saw what happened in france and t.v. but when it's right next to this is a different. city from a different feeling. but here's how events unfolded in barcelona last night at around five pm local time a white family driven into people on the popular pedestrian a street of last year that was filled with thorsten in fact victims of from at least twenty four different countries that found them went on for around five hundred meters before stopping further down here to square the driver them fled on foot and he's still at large. and i saw many people roaming the covered bodies of kids lying in the streets this is a tragedy.
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people running in every direction that what i did was total chaos we had no idea what was going on and when i didn't see the van i just heard a boom boom boom sound and people screaming. and the. people in the floor i saw all of the blood he was. there able to look. like it's crazy it's just for us. well this is the man police believe was the driver of the van in the barcelona attack a seventeen year old or kabir and he still at large a europe wide search is underway the suspected driver is the brother of one of the three men arrested earlier but he's or could be here kind of himself into police after being named on t.v. he claims though he wasn't part of the attack but that his documents were stolen
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and used to rent the vehicle in total four people have now been arrested in connection with the attacks hey partridges in barcelona force. behind me. right in the heart of the around the earth they started too late a makeshift memorial to think that the messages one was really really sadly written which was we remember the innocence that summed up the mood somber it was the people laying there tributes their lives flowers and candles. nothing like that ever happened to me i hope that they find the perpetrators and everything will be all right i feel incredibly lucky and we do consider that law just continue shopping it's just so nice to be. well we just had our no will go back and catch up with the friends in that decision was just crucial and i just can't believe that we did that and we didn't but now it. started to go back to how
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exactly it was before there is the normality is there was before police have taken away the tape that was along the signs that we first saw and we first came here and the businesses particularly all the cabin sort of always being here and now starting to open up people are coming in there i think weeding their suitcases almost in an act of defiance in many ways you can't believe that this actually was a crime scene and it was a scene of a terrible tragedy and barcelona is now trying to get back to some semblance of normality but with a slightly somber feeling out of respect for the dead and the memory of what happened here only a day again a partridge in barcelona well as i mentioned earlier just a few hours after the attack in barcelona there was another incident one hundred twenty kilometers to the south in the resort of cambria which is now known to have claimed its first fatality police opened fire on a car after it failed to stop at a security check seven people were injured before all five terrorists were shot dead since then though it has emerged that one woman has died the prevalence of
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terror in recent years in europe has meant that some families have even been caught up in different attacks correspondent daniel hoare kids as more. of a tragic reality of the situation is that this is now such a cross border threat but even families who were vacationing on the consulate find themselves victims of terror attacks multiple times whichever country they travel to on the continent one such example scott atran his daughter was in the fear in the attack in paris but twenty fifteen eighteen months on he finds himself in the middle of yet another terrorist atrocity bringing about some very painful memories take a listen to what he had to see. because i was just bringing my niece. and didn't know what was going to happen my daughter was in the but. she still she still. reconcile herself was staying in her room that we actually spoke to mr atran last
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year interviewing him his daughter was involved in the attacks and thoughts of how optimistic he was on this threat being tackled effectively the threat of terror being utilized in the european very much was not optimistic saying that there was very little chance things could ever be the same again the big problem is that isis has a unitary message and a unitary and universal appeal and the force of supposing they do not and we don't know really how to handle such a movement now another example of people being caught up in a double jeopardy if you like a man just the resident chris paul he narrowly escaped being caught up in the magistrate arena bombings just a few months ago he actually left the area just seconds before the bomb was detonated he was nearby mowed down dozens of people on the boulevard these attacks are something that we've sat down together and covered sadly many times
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over the last year to eighteen months or so they've become a pattern across the continent they all bear strikingly deadly similarities minimal planning preparation training equipment is required to carry out these attacks. well a lot of people have drawn a clear foreign policy link between these attacks. and foreign policy spain however
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is very interesting because of course spain last fall victim back in two thousand and four two was the mystery of the two thousand and four madrid train bombings that the big impact on the election at the time the prime minister the ingoing prime minister withdrew spanish troops from iraq as a direct result since then they have been no attacks but this really goes to show why so fulfilled their pledge of targeting westerners in every major european city if you remember after the nice attacks of twenty sixteen the prime minister at the time and all viles he stated that terror is a new reality in france something people have to learn to live with his comments at the time very much provoked controller see and criticism but what we've seen today really proves that this is not only a new reality in france alone but on the whole of the continent just how safe do people feel now i think many in barcelona in spain indeed in europe will be questioning that in the aftermath of this latest attack that was daniel hawkins
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well some of the experts we've been talking to do describe this spate to be a collect taxes a new reality for europe with people increasingly having to leave the threat of terrorism i think people have to open their eyes each week two weeks ago it was true and you asked me france this week's famous i think no. we're talking about europe but there are similar attacks elsewhere in the maghreb in the middle east and no country can say it's safe from such an attack today so this is widespread unfortunately each month we're just hearing that this can happen in a new country in a new place in a new town so this is a. chance that we have to get used to this president of the same thing and force. they seem to be right can you imagine the millions of cars who are running in the streets of the world and have special means for any given location space i think it's extremely difficult if they have arrived quickly on this means that they're on their own or on the scene that means they're quite well organized of course this is
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also the center of the most touristic part of barcelona it's very difficult how do you fight how do you stop someone chairing is ramming his van and truck a vehicle in the crowd this is extremely difficult but they do have to be prepared i think they have to be prepared to arrive on location as quick as possible of course to stop the criminals are the terrorists as soon as possible if they're so alive and of course to bring to evacuate the people to give them medical help to reel now to hospitals and there will be more and more training within the different police as in europe that military of course. reacts to such attacks because they are becoming more than common three attacks in two weeks. well placed also linking the attacks in spain to a blast on wednesday night in a house in a small town not far from barcelona it was initially thought to have been a gas leak although police now say it was a homemade explosive device destroyed the building from the british intelligence officer and he says the authorities did have all the necessary information but that
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the attack is again slipped through the net. the highlights of the capability and the will to who fought for intelligence information of the incident talk to patients everything take all the information and we see time time again pretty much everyone will see time in north america across europe and in the strait is what these people always already being on the loose cradle but you know what happens is there's so much information on basically it's the old rules and saying i'm taking a flute. today cannot without the people who pull the notes during the present intelligence won't. operations to stop it's like what they have is just a big database of stuff and that's what happens it's pulling out all these different lights. but then they can find out because it's been six years that's it
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as is most intelligent people want to be safe on the streets even sponge people don't want to give them wouldn't be safe spaces. and of course will stay across developments in spain as the one does continue for that seventeen year old terror suspect is believed to have been the driver who killed the teen in barcelona yes that. most people think just stand out in this business you need to be the first one on top of the story or the person with the loudest voice of the biggest race in truth to stand out of the news business you just read as the right questions and the right answers.
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question. the feeling of. every the world experience. that you get out of the old the old. the old according to josh. welcome. welcome back to r.t. now syrian forces supported by russian fighter jets have surrounded islamic state
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terrorist nabi strategic town of acrobat in hama province russia has been did nothing as strikes in the area to destroy armored vehicles and heavy weapons and the terrorists who were trying to escape to their stronghold the city of dyer's or near the iraqi border we get more information now with the syringe earnestly but he joins us good afternoon or just run through forests how significant is this development. well it is a first it's good it comes as part of an ongoing course of events for the syrian army is advancing using a new tactic where instead of trying to take large areas of the desert they actually try to encircle role model areas of the desert and cut off supply lines going into these areas which will effectively cause the fighters of the radical group to either withdraw or actually put down the rope and surrender themselves allowing the army to move at a quicker pace than trying to control everything and this is as i said the last
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episode of success. as similar or similar to previous experiences. the past few months where the army has achieved control over large swaths of land in the deserts of central syria using this tactic whilst the supply lines are completely cut off then the wrong moves into encircle them when the isis fighters and vehicles try to flee they became much easier targets for the air force whether it was the russian or the air force perhaps this is why in the past week the russian muster defense reported that they destroyed over seven hundred dollars flowing into service in these areas of the country because they were trying to withdraw and relocate their forces and redeployed them to avoid being encircled and cut off by the syrian army units and this means now the tsunami is much closer than ever to breaking and i still see it on the city of there is sort of still there's all this the provincial capital is from syria which has been under a full siege by eisel for over three years now and the city itself is controlled
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actually part of the city are controlled by syrian government forces the syrian army. but it has been fully encircled and full of besieged by. fighters for the past three years and it was from that area that launched attacks to take palmira and advance in the deserts of central syria it is considered one of the most important strongholds for arsenal throughout syria and iraq actually and maybe after all this is the second largest area and we're speaking here of all the parts of the city of the resort the docile controls after all it is the second most important stronghold for i so in the past under the control of the syrian government for the vast majority of the population lives the circumstances are extremely complicated extremely difficult three years of siege caused thousands of cases of malnutrition and people sick people with little access to medication and treatment and the humanitarian situation of these people is extremely extremely grief actually and dangerous and needs to be addressed quickly so when the army
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achieves its goal of reaching the did this issue of the desire and breaks i still see is there between very good use. for over a hundred thousand civilians still living there. thank you very much for the update there was a bit him syrian journalist based in damascus thank you. now r.t. is campaigning to help often stranded in war torn iraq to find their relatives and return home they were taken there by radicalized parents who joined islamic state we are appealing to family members who might recognize the youngsters to get in touch with us and we're pleased to say some relatives may have been found although many are still waiting. or. the. little.
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steps are just. dead here a little. clip you. can't please. because. this is.
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where there is some good news because the little girl in tears at the end there does have a grandmother we were able to find her this is her she recognized her miriam after we reported on her plight yesterday and got in touch following are a pale with more his need for frank. imagine being a grandmother who strolled in and grandchildren once vanished and never came back home at least you hope they're ok thanks to a couple videos sent from unknown phone numbers. yes. they did they aborted it don't live or yes yes it was you then someone shows you a t.v. report. where your main granddaughter says her mother's been shot dead this could turn out to be the exact fate of. the question to which. it had. nothing to do it. a moment use of the.
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body yet broke even to look at the last that worried us go at it soon you know worse than you know. and i am so she's desperate to prove the girl we filmed in baghdad is indeed her granddaughter having lost her once and being in the dark about merriam's whereabouts for over three years. she cannot stand going down is this is still true. says that sarah was still trying to we're sorry yet most of us have a connection with maryam and her parents was completely lost for a while until the family got a phone call from an unknown number that you wish me. chairs five of those people that you know what i'm trying to watch and it's an attention will get to get you know the status of since then only mysterious calls a few times a year at one point even a bit of video. just to listen here. to show they
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got a bright future ahead in the land of jihad but we already know that wasn't the case . was now that put the mobs a garage just a step away from bringing her granddaughter back home after all the horrors we let her record a message to. come out. here i said here is they are those are her mother tried to scare us larry here is. what another event in iraq the country's prime minister has acknowledged that security forces abuse prisoners during the operation to honest eisen insurgents from mosul and anywhere terror suspects who hadn't face trial please be aware that some graphic images are a back to be shot. i
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. think if. i am for an investigation was launched after a photographer released pictures of the torture suspects were beaten raped and tortured to death we talked to the photographer. emerges first came to light and he described what he'd witnessed. i thought they were heroes yes they were so brave
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fighting on the frontlines every day but then i saw the other side the torture the raping the killing first they didn't want me to film the torture and other bad stuff it affected me i psychology and i kept thinking about the torture of those people and their suffering it got worse and worse after five weeks it became so horrible they decided to publish everything. i find there i know it was unbearable but i made myself continue to film because i knew it was important to torture people and kill them over and over what we heard just this morning that the foreign secretary the foreign minister jaffrey has requested. assistance of the u.n. to look into. this committed and more so and that's is going to the positive steps because iraq do need to assist and from the u.n. and we can feel that maybe some of the pressure has been putting on that on the government to take and you know there to fake take further and frustration to an
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actor which is we find it very close to that's what we're looking for from the government of iraq is to look into this kind of receded to to to to assume and also to take people into people in accountable about this incidence. here that a thanks for watching us this afternoon i'll be back with the latest from spain in half an. isis militants are just chilling to patrol base on the left turn and right even if this compound. enemy troops most of been spotted on the other side of the river. here in the only two groups of militants have joined forces. those groups to those
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who declare their determination to fight for an independent islamic state in the philippines. even after two months of funds the army keeps finding hidden weapons and explosives. moving up operations in areas where civilians used to live on a daily occurrence. not of no meaning walk with no bundle no. noise . is a busy day. to see him. walking dead. and it will make. the fishes says he doesn't. make this manufacture consent to public wealth. when the ruling classes protect themselves. when the final go
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around. making the whole middle of the room sick. the real news is. at work a clinical place cause they police a key to keep. proper . was ha ah ah. so going to.
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get him you know who are looking to commit their we're going to write that so. please call the ball club was such close they did on the point of dodging myself a little while he said i still only should i should think it was like you all thank you for such but. maybe it was.


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